Jeff’s Proposition Bets 2022

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson August 29, 2022 12:01

Jeff’s Proposition Bets 2022

Yet another year of NFL football is upon us, and we are super excited here at  Thank you for being such a loyal member of both this site and, we truly appreciate you.  We are so glad to be able to offer you a high-quality product that helps you be successful playing fantasy football and saves you time with your research.  This is now the 4th edition of this article and it is probably the most popular one I write all year and also probably the most successful and profitable.  I have listed my results below for the first three editions of this article.  I will likely add a couple more bets before the first week, but I wanted to get these in your hands because the lines are continuously moving fast. I have already had to change a few because the lines moved since I wrote a couple prop bets up.   Be sure to shop around different sportsbooks for the best options and price.  It might take a little time, but a few yards either way can make a huge difference with a prop bet.  I hope this season is as successful as prior years.  Best of luck this year my friends!

2021 Player Props: 9-2

Amari Cooper under 1,200.5 receiving yards WIN!!!

Stefon Diggs under 1,350.5 receiving yards WIN!!!

Jared Goff under 4,100.5 passing yards WIN!!!

Joe Burrow over 26 passing touchdowns WIN!!!

Ben Roethlisberger under 4,050.5 passing yards WIN!!!

Antonio Gibson over 1,025.5 yards WIN!!!

Sam Darnold under 23 passing touchdowns WIN!!!

Brandon Aiyuk over 825.5 receiving yards WIN!!!

Kenny Golladay under 1,025.5 receiving yards WIN!!!

Zack Moss over 5.5 Touchdowns LOSS

Leonard Fournette under 650.5 rushing yards  LOSS


Team Totals:  1-1-1

Vikings under 9.5 wins WIN!!!

Chargers over 9 wins PUSH

Browns over 10.5 wins LOSS


 2020 Player Props: 7-2

Devante Parker under 1,090.5 rec yds  WIN!!!

Cam Newton under 3,650 pass yds  WIN!!!

Julio Jones under 1,349.5 rec yds   WIN!!!

Ezekiel Eliiott under 1,275.5 rush yds   WIN!!!

Baker Mayfield over 24.5 pass tds   WIN!!!

Allen Robinson under 1,099.5 rec yards   LOSS

Mike Gesicki over 4.5 tds  WIN!!!

Adam Thielen under 1,150.5 rec yards WIN!!!

Kenny Golladay over 7.5 rec tds   LOSS


Team Totals:  3-0

Cleveland Browns over 8 wins -160  WIN!!!

Oakland Raiders over 6.5 wins -176  WIN!!!

Houston Texans under 8.5 wins -163  WIN!!!


2019 Player Props:  8-2

Drew Brees under 4,199.5  pass yds WIN!!!

Antonio Brown under 9.5 touchdowns WIN!!!

Keenan Allen under 1,230.5 rec yards  WIN!!!

Adam Theilen under 1,075.5 rec yards WIN!!!

Jameis Winston over 26.5 passing touchdowns  WIN!!!

Saquon Barkley under 1,350.5 rush yds  WIN!!!

John Brown over 625.5 rec yards  WIN!!!

Jimmy Garoppolo  under 3,999 pass yds WIN!!!

Alvin Kamara over 949.5 rush yds  Loss

Michael Thomas under 1,275.5 rec yds  Loss


Team Totals: 3-0

Falcons under 9.5 wins   -173 Win!!!
New York Jets over 6.5 wins   -212 Win!!!

Minnesota Vikings over 8 wins -189 Win!!!

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Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson August 29, 2022 12:01

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