Super Bowl Showdown Slate- Bengals @ Rams

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson February 10, 2022 20:01

Super Bowl Showdown Slate- Bengals @ Rams


Bengals at Rams -3.5

O/U = 48.5

As much as I want to have action on the big game, I am having trouble even thinking of a possible plan of attack.  The big $1M Showdown GPP ($15) has a staggering 470,500 entries.  The odds of a millionaire being crowned is extremely unlikely.  When you consider how narrow the options are on the slate and I believe the possibility of having a single winner goes to next to zip.  Unless something insanely crazy happens there will likely be a large amount of entrants tied for first.  Of course you can always go to smaller field GPP or a single entry contest as another options with a lesser top prize.  I am going to personally lay low for the slate.  I do not like the pricing structure or the low dollar options available.  I will probably play a couple entries in the $15 and call it a day.

Just like I have been talking about all season with Showdown Slates, you need to pick a game script and build your roster off of that.  My preference for this game would be to load up on the Rams passing game as much as I can.  The Bengals were better against the run this year and the Rams have shown little intention of running heavy or running near the goaline.  Almost all of the focus has been on Stafford and the passing game.


Cooper Kupp, $11,600

  • DK did not price him high enough and priced the others right behind him too much.
  • He will obviously be massive chalk, but I have said the same thing the last couple of games, good luck trying to fade him.
  • Kupp is not dependent upon a big play. He gets massive volume (25 targets the last two games)
  • The Bengals have no way of stopping him, so it would take Stafford looking away from him, which has not happened yet this year.

Matthew Stafford, $10,800

  • I have been high on the Rams all playoffs and have loaded up on Stafford each week.
  • The Bengals ranked 24th vs the pass DVOA this season and they wont be able to stop the Rams passing game.

Odell Beckham Jr, $8,400

  • It is amazing how good this guy can still be when he cares and with a good QB. Both are true right now.
  • Now easily the #2 behind Kupp, is not dependent upon one long ball like Jefferson.
  • I don’t think the Bengals will sell out to stop Kupp, but if they do, OBJ would be a massive beneficiary.



Tee Higgins, $7,300

  • I obviously like Chase overall more, but the price difference is crucial with the pricing structure the way it is.
  • Higgins has seen 9 and 10 targets back to back games and has produced (6/103 and (7/96).
  • Chase might see the majority of the attention from Ramsey, which would be terrific for Higgins.

Cam Akers, $6,400

  • I really like Akers last game, but unfortunately he got dinged and Michel came into the picture.
  • If Cam is healthy, which appears he is because he does not have an injury designation, then I think he gets the vast majority of the carries just like against the Bucs (24 carries).
  • People might be sour on Cam after his dud last game, which might take some heat off of his ownership.



Kendall Blanton, $4,600

  • This is somewhat dependent upon Tyler Higbee’s status. So far he has not stepped on the practice field, so it does not look great.
  • Blanton has been good in spot duty filling in for Higbee and when he went down last week he caught 5/57.
  • Not many viable options in the low dollar range for this slate.

CJ Uzomah, $4,000

  • On the other side of the ball, it appears that Uzomah will be ok as he returned to practice on Thursday.
  • A favorite target of Burrow coming down the stretch, he saw at least 6 targets in each of his last four games (before last weeks injury).
  • This is a sick price if Uzomah is completely healthy.
  • Let’s continue to monitor the situation and if it looks good, this is a great low dollar option.


Deep Sleepers:

Rams Def, $3,400

  • I don’t love either defense, but with the pricing being so tight and the game script in Rams favor this is an option.
  • Fits the script of a Rams onslaught lineup.


Possible lineups:


C- Stafford/Kupp/Higgins/Blanton/Boyd/Uzomah

Contrarian Option-  C- Akers/Rams/Stafford/OBJ/Chase/Uzomah or Boyd

Jeff Bergerson
By Jeff Bergerson February 10, 2022 20:01

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