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Our staff of experts started playing fantasy football in the late eighties, long before it became the juggernaut it is today. Over the years they have played in many leagues, including some of the biggest high-stakes leagues. They have many leagues titles to their credit, including both the FFPC and NFFC. We also have had success playing DFS football as well. Zach is an exceptional cash game player and has been profitable in each of the last five years. Last year he went an incredible 11-5-1.

Over the last five years Jeff has won over $225,000 in season long leagues and DFS. In 2016 he took 2nd out of 113,818 entries in the main $20 GPP and 6th out of 1,436,510 entries in the $3 GPP. In 2017 he qualified for the $10 Million Dollar Draftkings Football Live Final in Miami Florida. He left there having won $35,000. Jeff is also a two-time Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) writer of the year finalist and winner in 2016.

Our staff started the first fantasy golf specific website, Fantasy Golf Insider, which continues to be an industry leader,
We have one goal and that is to help make you and keep you a winning and profitable fantasy football and football bettor. Our combination of tools and articles offer insight not available anywhere else.

A premium membership to Football Insider Edge will give you access to all of the following:

  • Weekly columns dedicated to daily fantasy football (cash game specific and GPP specific)
  • A lineup generator. Build hundreds of lineups in a matter of minutes to help you compete against the high volume players of DFS.
  • WR vs Cornerback Chart. Every week we will detail what cornerbacks will be matched up against what receivers, helping identify the match-ups and receivers to target and avoid.
  • Specialty articles that cover season long fantasy football, drafting, strategies in DFS to help be a winning player, football betting, etc.
  • A member only chat room

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