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WR Matchups

Description of Tool:  One of the most predictive variables for production from the wide receiver position is what cornerback will be covering them.  For that reason we developed a tool that will forecast which cornerback will be covering each receiver.  In the chart, it lists where the wide receiver lineups up- left side wide receiver (LWR), Slot, and right wide receiver (RWR).  The chart also lists where the cornerbacks generally line-up- left cornerback (LCB), Slot, and right cornerback (RCB).  Keep in mind the wide receiver and cornerback sides will be opposite, for instance the left cornerback will line-up against the right wide receiver.  Sometimes a wide receiver will line-up at all three postions (LWR, Slot, and RWR), so we do our best to determine who will match-up the most. It is not always exact. With some of the best cornerbacks sometimes shadow an opposing wide receiver and we depict that scenario with a symbol.  We have aggregated data to determine the the cornerback rankings and thus who has the the best match-ups.  The higher the grade, the better the match-up for the receiver.  Green indicates a postive match-up and red indicates a negative match-up.  You can also sort the best to worst or vice versa just by clicking the “grade” header.

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